Discover environmental markets and nature-based solutions. Join us for our 2025 conference.

“One of the most important networking and collaboration events in the industry!”

Connecting mitigation, conservation and restoration markets — wetlands, streams, carbon, water quality and quantity and related environmental markets — to improve resiliency and sustainability with increased investment through collaboration on resources, process and practice, technology, transparency, efficiency, and accountability.


Michael Rolband

Director of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Summer K. Mersinger

Commodity Futures Trading Commissioner

Who attends EMC?

Drawing decisionmakers across industry sectors and government in water, biodiversity and carbon.

Environmental Professionals

Government and Regulatory Officials

Business and Investment Stakeholders

Non-Government Organizations and Academia



100% of attendees continue to give this conference a thumbs up for its value!  

This conference draws attendance of the most influential policymakers, bankers and consultants in the industry”, Eoin Dougherty, Senior Associate, Environmental Incentives

As a regulator, I was able to exchange ideas and experiences with other regulators … as well as get to know the bankers better – thank you!

I can’t thank you enough — I’m leaving with a business arrangement that never would have happened without this Conference.

This is my favorite conference every year because I get to reconnect with colleagues across the country that are doing new and innovative work in the field with restoration and ecology, with building new markets in carbon.

It’s an amazing convening effort where it gets landowners, resource agencies, mitigation providers, financiers, and insurance enterprises together all under one roof to talk about practical solutions to mitigation.

I really appreciate having chat time with other states and regulatory agencies, it was a wonderful way to hear about their programs, concerns, and issues.

Thank you for providing a conference like this where so many backgrounds can meet together and learn from each other— this is an amazing conference!

Been sponsoring for 28 years and will continue, as the benefits to our company have been worth every penny.

The topics are beneficial for all districts (trends, markets, etc.) as opposed to those focused on a single activity or topic in a specific USACE district.


EMC is a high value experience of connecting, learning, and networking with leading professionals engaging in private sector solutions for sustained environmental outcomes with economic and public benefit.

EMC in-person with virtual access for attendees. All speakers participate in-person.

Admission price is inclusive should you attend some or all days either in-person or

Yes, recordings, slides and any other materials are made available post-event.

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