EMC is pleased to share these featured podcasts to inspire continued dialogue, learning and thoughtful movement in bringing sustainable solutions for the environment with economic and social benefit.
David Hill is one of Britain’s most influential ecologists, and in his new podcast, How to Avoid Moving to Mars, David speaks to some of the most influential voices in biodiversity and nature conservation, to understand how we can tackle the challenge that faces our planet.
Future Ecologies is a podcast about relationships – between, within, amongst, and all around us, exploring our eco-social relationships. Every episode is an invitation to see the world in a new light — weaving together narrative and interviews with expert knowledge holders.


We are in the process of adding featured clips from some past EMC conferences (formerly NMEMC and NMEBC), our sister global event (GEMFS) and some short interviews to share more on how the Environmental Markets Conference inspires outcome-based sustainable solutions with economic and social benefit.
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